Aston Martin creates a car for every hour of the "Le Mans race"

In celebration of one of the most impressive achievements in the history of motor racing, Aston Martin announced the launch of a limited version of the model DBS Superlagera 'DBS 59, including 24 cars were built the first at the company's global 
headquarters in Gaidon.

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DBS 59 was created by Q BY Aston Martin, a unique customization division, which enables the design of cars according to the personal requirements of luxury brand customers to create premium sports cars by collaborating with the design team of the company. The project was commissioned by Aston Martin Cambridge, where it celebrates the 24-hour Le Mans 24-hour race in which Aston Martin won first and second. Each one of the limited edition cars represented one hour of the Aston Martin race, with Roy Salvadore and Carole Shelby finishing the finish line on the other Aston Martin, which was led by Maurice Trentignant and Paul Freire.
The DBS 59 celebrates the DBR-1 car, which has won the race and the unique design touches that have been specially engineered by the Q-Bay Aston Martin team to demonstrate their professionalism and record a new achievement in their track record. After careful consideration of the DPR-1, the Aston Martin Racing green color was adopted for the DBS 59. The glossy finish of the carbon fiber on the roof panels gives a strikingly colored contrast to the bright green of the chassis.

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The car features bronze details such as the Superlagera logo on the bonnet, the distinctive front grille, brake jacks, 21-inch wheels made of a special mixture with Y-design and exceptional color gradations, In the original 'DBR 1' winner of the Le Mans race. With the individually painted and painted ring on the front bumper and the arrow sticker on the wall of the frame, the racing spirit pulsates into the details of the exterior of the car to blend with the spectacular performance of DBS Supergirl.
On the curved line of the DBS-59 structure and the air outlets designed as longitudinal blades, the Q-Bay Aston Martin team added a fine bronze metal finish to determine the original shape of the vehicle, the chassis number and the DBR1 engine number She won the Le Mans in 1959.
In the design of the interior, the Q-Bay Aston Martin team analyzed the original materials used in the DPR1 seats, reinvented the fabric used in the original car seats, the doors glowed and each seat appeared with distinctive touches that accentuated the old car . The details of the bronze go down to the interior, whose final finishes are done manually, with the bronze speed shift knob, the special 'Edison' embroidered on the back of the seat.

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The black Opsidian Black blends in the interior with brown leather Chestnut Tan to welcome the car in a luxurious, quiet space, inspired by the 1959 Le Mans design on the rear speaker cover. The exact date of the race was engraved on the sun visor, to celebrate Aston Martin's stunning performance during the race with 323 rolls in 24 hours. The race accessories were not overlooked, with a replica of the classic racing helmets and blue racing suits developed with a 1959 design, with matching copies of Carl Shelby's racing gloves.
Launched in 2018, the DBS Superlagera is powered by a 12 liter 5.2 liter engine that delivers a top speed of 211 mph, making it the fastest Aston Martin in the award winning lineup. With its bold design touches and impressive performance, the DBS Supergirl wins a special appeal as the DBS 59 is the perfect choice for car enthusiasts who value the historical significance of the DBR1 win in 1959.

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Commenting on the launch of DBS 59, Simon Lin, Sales Director of Q-Bay Aston Martin and Aston Martin VIP Sales Manager, said: "DBS 59 is a fine balance between the exceptional design that respects our history and the modern character that celebrates our future. SuperLagira 'is the most powerful vehicle produced by Aston Martin so far, which prompted us to create special versions of DBS 59 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of our historic victory in the first two places in the Le Mans Race'.

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