Avoid these behaviors to reduce the fuel consumption of your car!

Cars - Reducing fuel consumption is one of the most important issues for many car owners, so today we'll show you some of the wrong behaviors that can help you reduce fuel consumption by up to half, so let's start.

Mistakes begin mainly with driving at a very high speed, with some German experts suggesting that driving at speeds greater than 120 km / h increases fuel consumption by as much as 40%.

In addition to the speed, we will also find that providing the car with a load exceeding the maximum permissible load during the opening of the windows leads to an increase in the consumption of gasoline to a very high degree, because of the level of resistance that the car must face to move forward, resulting in burning more Of gasoline.

The biggest factor contributing to the increase in gasoline consumption is the use of congested roads and the constant switching between fuel and brakes. This can increase gasoline consumption by nearly 75% compared to natural use, which is almost double.

Finally, it is important to note the importance of regular vehicle maintenance and repair of any problems on a continuous basis, in order to avoid any breakdowns, which in turn increase gasoline consumption and at the same time increase the cost of repairs over the long term.

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