BMW reveals the secret of the size of the massive seventh-class network!

Cars - The 7 Series 2020 is one of the most distinguished points of the all-new luxury sedan from BMW. The size of this huge net is felt by some German manufacturers as it comes to provide a design with a strong, What is the secret behind making nets like this? According to BMW's Alexei Khiza, the 7 Series 2020 is designed to be more consistent with the other German manufacturer's designs, as well as to demonstrate the position of the model among the rest of the company's cars.

This suggests that the larger grids on the front of BMW cars indicate that the car comes in a larger size, the same applies to the SUV models of the X5 and the X7 luxury, and the new network of the seventh-class huge contribute to provide a practical front bumper and attractive across Two of the panels are painted with the same chassis color by turning the air into the engine to increase the aerodynamic capacity of the luxury car.

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