Jaguar's I-PACE Wins 3 New International Awards

The Jaguar I-PACE electric car has been fully recognized as the "Best Electric Transmission Group", the "Best New Engine" and the best engine in the 350 to 450 hp category at the World Motors and Transmission Awards.

The awards were announced at Stuttgart Motor Show and Motor Technology after a panel of 70 automotive journalists from 31 countries took their decision, taking into account key features including performance, driving ability, energy efficiency and mastery.

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The three titles recognize the technical excellence of the I-PACE traffic-free transmission group, designed and developed by the company itself.

"We have taken advantage of all the benefits of this amazing battery and engine technology to make a world-class electric car," said Ian Hoban, Jaguar Land Rover's Director of Transmission.

"In addition to the lack of emissions, the electric transmission range provides an ideal balance in performance, proficiency and mileage, in addition to excellent responsiveness, lightness and daily usability."

He added that the I-PACE is suitable for the real drivers and above all the Jaguar in every sense of the word, and that we have sought to manufacture the best multi-purpose electric vehicle in the world, which reflects this, and is a tribute to the achievements of the engineering team. "

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The 90-kilowatt lithium-ion battery in the I-PACE has a driving distance of up to 292 miles (according to the Standard International Standard for Light Vehicles).

It can be shipped from 0 to 80% in just 40 minutes using a 100 kW DC power charger, or within approximately 10 hours when using a 7 kW wall-mounted AC charger, ideal for overnight home charging.

The range of intelligent techniques to increase mileage includes a pre-set system that automatically connects the I-PACE to the charger by increasing (or lowering) the battery temperature to maximize the maximum distance before driving.

A heat pump can also harvest energy from outside air - even under sub-zero temperatures - to reduce the amount of energy consumed by the battery from the air conditioning system. It can even take advantage of heat from the system to heat the cabin and reduce battery dependence.

The battery is placed in the center between the two axes, in a position as low as possible.

2019 Jaguar I-PACE EV400 AWD HSE First Edition (Color: Photon Red) - Rear, #206 of 282

This location ensures an ideal balance of 50:50 car weight and low weight center, and this, with the sophisticated front suspension system with dual arms and rear-link, ensures a graceful control of the I-PACE and continuous comfort when riding.

Jaguar I-Pace electric best in 2019. Price and specifications
The permanent magnet drives are hollow, with the steering brackets in the middle, in addition to being light weight, with a weight of only 78 kg, and exceptionally compact.

This contributed to the spacious I-PACE cabin space, the 656-liter storage capacity and the multi-purpose sports car floor.

2019 Jaguar I-PACE EV400 AWD S (Color: Yulong White) - Front Three-Quarter, #152 of 282

The combination of the front and rear axles provides a full-wheel drive for optimal traction and control in all conditions.

It also offers high levels of regenerative braking up to 0.4 g, increasing the distance traveled, and allows intuitive control of one pedal in many circumstances.

The I-PACE has received 66 international awards since it was unveiled about a year ago, including the 2019 World Car Award, the world's best design, the best green car, the European, German and Norwegian general cars, and the UK car.

The Jaguar I-PACE is available for ordering now, starting at £ 60,995 in the UK.

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