Review Nissan X-Trail 2019: A modern family with distinction

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Cars - The Nissan X-Trail 2019 offers an impressive first impression, with an attractive design even though it has been redesigned for 5 whole years. It still looks new, interior design is equally good and there are many new technologies available. Who are looking for a lot of space for the family and one of the largest compartments in this category.

The Nissan X-Trail 2019 comes standard with front-impact warning system with pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, high light assist, automatic rear brake and rear tuning sensors in the SV and SL classes, Nissan's automatic and adaptive cruise control system, a sophisticated track-keeping system, also available a new special version, a new premium package. Interior and interior technology.

The X-Trail 2019 has the best features and has a more attractive design than its main competitors. With the leather trim on the dashboard and the center console, it has a luxurious look, the materials are of high quality and the touch screen is standard The 7-inch is not as big as that used in some competitors, it's also a little low, but easy to use, plus some buttons and handles to support the screen. Apple Carbillay and Android Auto are standard on all models, but there is only one USB port.
Tall people may find that the driver's seat does not adjust sufficiently, either by hand in six directions or by upgrading it to an eight-position electric seat. Otherwise, the seats themselves are very comfortable.
Competitive size
The X-Trail 2019 is one of the largest compact SUVs, with its interior area very satisfactory. The back foot space is modest, but its sliding ability offers a degree of diversity that most of its competitors no longer offer. Their mothers and fathers, or allowing more space in the storage area.
The X-Trail 2019 already has a storage capacity of 1,120 liters and has a standard "Divide-N-Hide" charging system on floorboards, which allows for different heights of multi-level flooring or shelves, a highly intelligent system with no rivals Something like him.
Performance and fuel economy
The Nissan X-Trail 2019 comes standard with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 170 hp and a 237 Newtonmeter torque, which is less than all its competitors and is not lighter to compensate for this shortfall. It is connected to a CVT constant variable transmission and a standard front- While the total payment system is optional, while EPA's estimated fuel efficiency in the forward payment version is 9.05 liters per 100 km in the city and 7.13 liters per 100 kilometers on the highway ie an average of 8.11 liters per 100 km Of miscellaneous driving, and rises to 9.41 / 7.35 / 8.71 liters per 100 km in the total payment version, and in either case, They are among the most efficient in this category.
Assessment of collision tests
The Nissan X-Trail 2019 received four-star overall safety and front-end safety ratings, a five-star side collision rating, and the best possible crash test and front impact protection system.

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