Top 10 tips to keep your car safe in the summer

Particularly as we are on the limit of the landing of that section of the year when we experience the ill effects of the high temperature of the climate, which may straightforwardly influence the vehicle, and to keep away from any harm or harm in parts, and how to save them amid the mid year, says Engineers, Director of preparing at a vehicle administration focus: The high temperature in the mid year influences the reliance on the vehicle and its segments and execution out and about, and to evade any harm to the vehicle, there are a few hints and direction ought to be trailed by the driver:


the utilization of a defensive spread in case of leaving the vehicle or corner for a couple of hours to shield them from extraordinary temperatures in the mid year, or utilize the front of the window shields from the sun, on the grounds that the body of the vehicle ingests the warmth of the climate, prompting the most sizzling inside vehicle salon and in this manner happen Some etches with vehicle peppers and cladding inside seats. 


Wheel tires are a standout amongst the most influenced pieces of the high temperature, since they are made of engineered elastic, and there are a few splits and fracture of inner segments because of outrageous warmth that quicken the expiry of the life of the default, so check the wheel tire, particularly the date of creation and audit estimation The weight of the air inside it is expanded week after week, the pneumatic stress increments with the temperature increment, the edge gaseous tension ought not be estimated in the wake of voyaging or after long separation driving, in light of the fact that the contact of the edge with the outside of the street builds its warmth and raises its temperature. At the point when The edge is cool to give exact and right perusing. 


 not to leave or hang tight for the vehicle under the links of open transmission of high weight, as the warm radiation from those links would expand the most sultry body of the vehicle and its inner parts, notwithstanding its destructive effect on the paint body of the vehicle. 


It is desirable over utilize a custom spread for the directing wheel "Tarik Dreiksion", which is a standout amongst the most parts taken care of by the pioneer of the vehicle, which is exceptionally sweltering a result of introduction to the sun in case of leaving the vehicle without a spread in the late spring. 


The water hoses in the motor cooling arrangement of the parts that are influenced by high temperature, since they are made of elastic, causing splits and harm in the inner segments, rapidly lessens the life of the default, so you should check the hoses well so as not to warm the motor . 


The motor of the vehicle of the most segments of the vehicle influenced by high temperature rise, so care ought to be taken to clean the outside body with compacted air or tepid water or wash its parts with cleanser, to dispose of residue, oil and oil, which counteract the cooling of the motor through the trading of warmth radiation, His warmth. 


The battery of the vehicle is the wellspring of power, which is influenced by the expansion in temperature, as the speed of dissipation of the inward arrangement of the "battery liquid" by expanding the temperature, which prompts the low dimension of the fluid inside and the harm of dynamic substances and artificially dynamic on the interior boards , So the battery level ought to be checked if the battery is the fluid sort provided with refined water to keep up its time span of usability. 


Engine oil is influenced by high temperature rise, which prompts quick dissipation, and thusly low weight and expanded inner steam weight in the oil bowl, which prompts harm to the seals, "Oil seal", also the harm of low motor oil level, which thus prompts shortcoming The oil achieves the moving parts inside, lessening its default age and its spread. Along these lines, motor oil ought to be changed in its predefined times and routinely checked by the proprietor's manual. 


The water ought to be checked inside the Radiator Pump normally and at its highest point. The Radiator Water Pump is one of the pieces of the motor cooling cycle and contains the water required by the radiator to make up for the water deficiency at the motor cooler after a period Long run, to open the water to the air, which is influenced by the high temperature amid the late spring, which prompts an expansion in vanishing rate and absence of water, and harm to the cooling cycle and increment the warmth of the motor, and should change the water of the radiator until it achieves a virtue that forms the motor cooling on a Ml face, and to dispose of the old water, which took its classes amid the earlier year, amid which the aggregated contaminations and change the shade of the water, which hampers bearing rust execution of its capacities, and must utilize the prescribed water radiator by the maker of the vehicle.

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